Multiple Community Services Authority (MCSA)

Items That Cannot Be Accepted in Trucks

  • Concrete, rock, bricks, vehicle batteries
  • Wire or fencing of any kind
  • Tires of any kind
  • Pesticides or insecticides - hazardous chemicals
  • Dead animals of any kind
  • Burned trash, ashes, or charcoal debris
  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Used oil containers - (waste oil can be brought to the transfer station)
  • Demolition Debris - such as lumber
  • Large metal items - such as hot water heaters, appliances, grills, mowers (all metal must be brought to the transfer station - appliances containing Freon must have the compressors removed before disposal)

Additional Policies

Trucks will not pick up tree limbs or brush cuttings - all trimmings mush be brought to the transfer station for mulching. Paying customers will not be charged for Metal or Brush / tree limbs providing you have a current water bill or trash bill and matching ID. If you hire someone to trim trees, they are responsible for the disposal charge. Do not send a water bill or trash bill with the contractor.

Trash cans and dumpster containers used for holding disposal trash shall be maintained in good condition by the owner. Any waste container that does not conform or that may have jagged or sharp edges / broken handles / wheels or any other defect liable to hamper or could injure the person collecting the contents thereof must be promptly replaced with a proper container upon receipt of notice to that effect from the collector. If not, so replaced within ten days of the notice the defective container will be collected and disposed of by said collector.

All loads being hauled to the transfer station for disposal shall be both tied down and secured or tarped for safety of the public. Any person hauling waste to the transfer station shall be required to pick up any waste that spills, falls or blows out while en route to the transfer station. Loads that are brought to the site unsecured may be refused and denied use of the transfer station facility.

It is the responsibility of all persons receiving collection services to place all solid waste in watertight metallic or plastic cans or containers of sufficient size to hold not less than five gallons or more than forty gallon, and have close fitting covers and handles on the sides.

Trash bags alone may be used by customer with his or her understanding that debris from ripped or busted bags will not be the responsibility of the collector to clean up. Messes from stray dogs are also the responsibility of the customer.

Each collection day starts at 7 am, Mondays (for all Elgin Residents). All trash must be placed at curb by 7 am. Unless other provisions have been made prior to the collection day.

Rules for Using the Transfer Station

Items That Cannot Be Accepted at All

  • Concrete / Rock / Brick / Dirt
  • Wire or fencing of any kind
  • Vehicle Tires / Tractor-truck tires
  • Pesticides or Insecticides
  • Dead animals of any kind or size
  • Chemicals / Paints and Paint thinners
  • Burned trash / Burn barrels
  • Construction crews with large amounts of demolition debris
  • No batteries

Items Accepted (but Only in Designated Areas)

  • Large metal items such as hot water heaters, appliances etc.
  • Appliances containing Freon only if compressors are separate from units
  • Scrap lumber if cut into 2 feet lengths only
  • Scrap metal such as tin, bikes, mowers etc.
  • Tree limbs up to 12 inches in diameter (even tree branches that come off the limbs must be cut to 12 inches total)
  • Waste motor oil

There is a $10 minimum charge up to 1 ton of waste delivered to the transfer station. $15 charge if over 1 ton (2,000 pounds)

Observed Holidays

  • Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)
  • New Years Day - Check water bill or MCSA Facebook page